snapshots from openspace new year’s presents

By way of a belated happy new year’s wish for us/the FoR team, I’d like to recommend all of us – and others who read this – to have a look at‘s delightful online new year’s greetings. They are worth a peep both for scholarly reasons and purely for the fun of it.

Openspace editor-in-chief Mariia Stepanova wishes users an inspiring year in a multimedia rather than textual editorial. Interesting in itself, her video is a mere introduction to a whole range of multimedia “new-year’s presents,” all custom-made for the site. Together they take you on a journey through the fine de fleur of contemporary Russian art, theatre, literature, (animation) film, and (classical and modern/pop) music. Think a wintery video by internationally renowned artist Olga Chernyshevaa live registration of (fragments of) a poem read by Dmitrii Vodennikov, a music-cum-video remix by DJ Andrei Panin… and there is much, much more online creativity out there.

In other words, recommended – either as an academic exploration of shifts in Russian media-production practices, or to merely extend that holiday feeling.