A group of Belarusian bloggers recently celebrated the “Week of the Belarusian Latin alphabet”. This is already the third year in a row this occasion is marked by using the Belarusian variety of the Latin alphabet to write blog posts, comments or whatever one needs to put down on paper or hard disk.

The Latin alphabet has a long history in Belarus, and was used widely until approx. 1910, when the choice was made for Cyrillic, which is now the norm. Recently the Academy of Sciences established an official form of the Latin alphabet to be used when writing geographical names on international maps and official documents, but it is not used in the latter context, because the official organs find it technically difficult to use this alphabet on their computers.

Adherents of the Latin alphabet claim that it is genuinly Belarusian and linked to the souls of true Belarusian patriots. They suggest that the Week of the Belarusian Latin alphabet helps convince more people that this is true.